Academic Language Therapist (Walter E. Dunson, Jr., Ph.D.)

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We provide a systematic approach for the acquisition of reading, writing, and spelling skills for all individuals with language-based learning disorders.


Dr. Walter E. Dunson, Jr. is an educational consultant who has more than twenty years of experience working with students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences in one-on-one and small group tutorials. He is recognized for his knowledge of learning disabilities, dyslexia, and English phonology and morphology.  

 Dr. Dunson is a former member of the Board of Directors of the International Dyslexia Association (Houston Branch) and the author of three books:  The English Code: A Forensic Approach to Mastering the Language, The English Code:  Student's Manual, and The English Code:  Grammar Directory


The English Code Language Training System is an intensive, sequential phonics-based system that teaches the basics of word formation before whole meanings. The approach accommodates and utilizes the three neurological pathways through which people learn, and it teaches to a student's strengths while seeking to improve weaknesses through explicit and systematic phonics instruction.


Most students who have learning disabilities do not respond to normal tutoring.  This is due to the fact that these students have either visual processing deficits, auditory processing deficits, or both.  Normal tutoring attempts to address academic issues using either visual or auditory processing when a multi-sensory approach is required.


The English Code Language Training System provides a systematic and forensic approach to mastering the English language and a solid foundation for reading, writing, and spelling skills for students who are struggling with language acquisition.  With our forensic approach, students can be shown the phonetic nature of the English language and the proper structure of the written language.


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