ACCEL/Michael’s Garden

Address: 10251 N 35th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85051
Phone: (602) 995-7366 Website:


"A student who attended ACCEL inspired the creation of Michael's Garden.  Michael had excellent potential that, though cognitively and emotionally challenged, had the ability to function successfully in school and in the community.
However, Michael lived at home with his father, a single parent, who was also disabled.  Michael was eighteen years old, no longer in school and had no place to go.  He could not work, and he could not go to school.  He became belligerent, confused and suffered memory loss.
One day, an ACCEL supervisor was driving down the street and saw a homeless person on a street corner.  That person was walking rapidly, gesturing wildly and talking incoherently.  It was Michael!  At that moment, the mission of Michael's Garden was conceived and dedicated to all of the Michael's of the world.
It filled an overwhelming need to find meaningful employment for disabled adults.  It was ACCEL's belief that by combining the entrepreneurial Western spirit with professional expertise, sound business practices, and compassionate commitment to individuals with special needs, adults with special needs would be empowered.
Michael's Garden was founded on three basic principles:
1.      Meaningful work gives life purpose
2.      Every citizen has the right to contribute their unique spirit to the community
3.      Every individual possesses extraordinary qualities, which must be acknowledged and valued by society
Michael's Garden provides programs with structure, security, and opportunities for amazing growth and fulfillment, promoting a true sense of self worth and a sense of meaning to society."

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