Access Pediatric Rehab Centers

Address: 134 Grandview Avenue
Waterbury, CT 06708
Phone: (203) 419-0381 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

Specializing in Physical, Occupational, Speech and Aquatic Therapy.

Access Rehab Centers is the largest provider of therapy services in Western-Central Connecticut, bringing together under one roof physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapy.

We serve and treat:
Infants Toddlers and Pre-School Children
Adults Seniors

Pediatric Center at Access Rehab
The Pediatric Center at Access Rehab is found in our Tompkins Street and Middlebury Edge Clinics.
Our Pediatric Specialists treat infants, toddlers, and school-age children. They begin by evaluating the relevant aspects of a child’s skills and development. If a child requires therapy, goals and interventions are then established.

Conditions we treat include:
Developmental delays and disabilities
Sensory delays
Speech and communications disorders
Autism and learning disabilities
Gross or fine motor skill impairments
Cerebral Palsy
Attention deficit disorders
Feeding difficulties
Psychosocial dysfunctions

By offering a full spectrum of rehabilitation services, we are able to apply our broad knowledge and skills toward developing the best individualized treatment plan for each patient. Check our web site for additional Locations in: Waterbury Middlebury/Southbury Walcott Thomaston Oxford Seymour Naugatuck

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