ACE Pediatric Therapy Services – Douglasville GEORGIA

Address: 3656 Hwy 5, Suite 104
Douglasville, GA 30135
Phone: (770) 920-9778 Fax: (770) 9202815 Email: Website:

ACE Pediatric Therapy Services was founded due to a desire for Christy Colagross, PT to become more recognized in her community as a Pediatric Physical Therapist.  Christy began her career in pediatrics working in an outpatient setting for a Metro Atlanta major Children's Hospital in 1997.  Then in 2000, Christy began working as a private Pediatric Physical Therapist in the Douglasville, GA and surrounding areas.  Ready to take the next step in providing private Pediatric Therapy,she formed ACE Pediatric Therapy Services in January 2008.  After 9 years of providing therapy for children in their homes, she opened ACE
Therapy Center in October 2009 – a place where children can thrive in a fully therapeutic environment.

ACE Pediatric Therapy Services works with children of all ages and  skills with traditional Physical Therapy concerns as well as children needing extra assistance in sports achievement.  ACE Pediatric Therapy Services provides a highly trained and respected Physical Therapist to work with each child personally on a one on one basis.  Quality Physical Therapy services are faithfully provided during each child's entire need for therapy to ensure the highest level of functional outcome. 

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