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We are an agency staffed with dedicated professionals who help a child who has special needs. We service children who are under the realm of Early Intervention (0-2), C.P.S.E. (3-5), as well as C.S.E . (school aged children) and children who simply need a typical preschool environment. Whether the child has Speech and Language concerns, Fine and/or Gross Motor concerns, or Developmental concerns, we are here to help both the child and family in overcoming, lessening, or eliminating these concerns.

We are located in Latham, New York and service areas that include:
Albany County,
Rensselaer County
Schenectady County
Saratoga County
Washington County
Warren County
Herkimer County
Greene County
Columbia County
Essex County

We also have a site located in downtown Albany. We provide individual therapies as well as group therapies within our classrooms and enrichment groups. We run Typical preschool classrooms, Integrated Classrooms and Self Contained Classrooms for 3 & 4 year olds.

All of our therapies are provided in a therapeutic play environment whether it be at one of our sites, the child's daycare, the child's school, or the child's home.

We provide services in the following areas: Speech & Language Therapy, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Psychology, Play Therapy, Vision, and Orientation and Mobility services for children with Visual Impairments. If there are concerns in any of these areas, we can do an initial evaluation to determine what developmental levels the child is at which ultimately will determine if services may be needed.

Speech & Language Therapy
There are a wide range of services that fall under the heading of Speech and Language Pathology. We provide services under the realm of Early Intervention, the Committee on Preschool Special Education, school aged children, as well as the adult and geriatric populations. These services include screenings, evaluations, and individual and group therapies. We service the needs in the areas of dysphagia (swallowing issues), oral motor (muscles of the mouth), articulation, stuttering, fluency, and augmentative and assistive technology.

Special Education
Our Special Education Department provides services under the realm of Early Intervention, the Committee on Preschool Special Education, as well as school aged children. Our teachers address needs within the areas of cognition, behavior, personal/social and self help, as well as provide Special Education evaluations.

Occupational & Physical Therapy
Traditional motor therapies are offered in the form of both fine and gross motor therapies. Services are provided under the realm of Early Intervention, the Committee on Preschool Special Education, as well as school aged children. Our OTs and PTs conduct screenings, evaluations, and perform individual and group therapy sessions. The therapists at Achievements are trained in Sensory Integration Techniques and have received Neurodevelopmental training.

Psychology/Play Therapy
Our psychologists are school certified and they conduct pediatric psychoeducational evaluations as well as lead play therapy sessions.

Social Work
Our Social Workers provide assessments, play therapy, and counseling for individuals, families, and groups. Our Social Workers help increase the child's opportunity for success in school by working with the child and family on issues such as understanding/coping with a disability, transition, grief/loss, social skills development, utilization of community resources, and parenting education.

Vision Services:

An evaluation is the first step in determining whether a child has delays/concerns that warrant any therapy. Our professional and experienced evaluators, through play techniques, will determine to what extent your child may be delayed. A report will be generated as a result of the evaluation. The report will show strengths and weaknesses and will show at what developmental levels your child is performing. Recommendations will also be made at this time.

If it is determined that your child would benefit from these programs and services, the age of your child would determine the process of how services are started.

Early Intervention (0-2)
If your child is between the ages of 0-2, he/she would fall under the Early Intervention Program. A case coordinator would be assigned to you and your child to help get services started accordingly and to follow your child's progress.

C.P.S.E. (3-5)
If your child is between the ages of 3-5, he/she would fall under the Committee on Preschool Special Education program. This process is governed by the school district in which the child resides. The Chairperson of that school's committee will help get the process started by setting up an evaluation.

Services can happen in a number of settings. The majority of children are seen on an individual basis where a therapist/teacher work with your child exclusively. These sessions can occur at the child's home; in the child's daycare, in a child's preschool, etc. Achievements and these state governed programs strongly place an emphasis on teaching the children in their natural environments. Some children would benefit from receiving therapy within a group setting along with other children who have similar needs. These groups generally consist of 4-7 children. Achievements runs groups at various locations within Albany County. The evaluations and therapies are of no cost to the families involved. These are programs are funded by Federal, State, & County Agencies in order to provide a child with special needs a comprehensive educational and therapeutic program for each child.

Integrated Classrooms
Our integrated classrooms are run by a Special Educator, Speech Language Pathologist, and a Teacher Assistant. Pre school children that require a structured classroom setting are placed within a classroom with typical peers to create an educational setting that benefits all children involved.

Self Contained Programs
Our self contained classroom is a class composed of pre-school children (3 and 4 year olds) who would benefit from special services within a structured classroom composed solely of children having special needs. They are run with One Special Educator, Two Assistants and 8 identified children. The goal of this type of setting is to work towards the children being ready for participation with typical peers as well as to help each child make progress towards the goals on their Individualized Education Plans.

Enrichment Groups
This group experience is meant for children who are receiving services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and who are not currently enrolled in an early childhood program. The classroom teacher and related staff will provide a structured and nurturing environment which will encourage the development of your child’s skills in the areas of cognition, social/emotional growth, communication, play skills and the arts, and motor skills. Therapy services will be provided on an individual or group basis as stated on the child’s IEP. We will work towards achieving each child’s goals in a developmentally appropriate and motivating way. We would welcome multiple opportunities to work together with parents and school districts to create the best possible situation for each and every child enrolled.

Toddler Groups
Children must be enrolled in Early Intervention and have group services on their Individualized Family Service Plan to attend group at the frequency designated on their Individualized Family Service Plan.

This group is currently run by a Special Educator who is Board Certified as an Associate Behavior Analyst in collaboration with a speech therapist. There are no more than 6 children enrolled at any given time. The group provides a behaviorally based program that focuses on the development of language skills in the natural environment for children with special needs. Through the use of individualized teaching goals starting with each child's motivation as the foundation, the group will build basic skills that include: requesting, imitation, attending, play, and socialization in a small group setting.

Typical Preschool
The Achievements Preschool Program is an OCFS approved five hour program running from 8-1 and 9-2 with before and after care provided as necessary, providing for a quality preschool experience that leads to school success. Our classes are small and our staff is highly qualified. A licensed teacher leads each classroom. Our center is inclusive of all children and provides classes for preschoolers with disabilities together with typically developing children. Our curriculum aligns with the New York State Learning Standards for preschool to ensure that your child will be well prepared to enter Kindergarten.


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