ACT – Advocating Change Together

Address: 1821 University Avenue, Suite 306-S
St. Paul, MN 55104
Phone: (651) 641-0297 Fax: (651) 6414053 Email: Website:

About ACT: The Big Picture

  • a disability rights organization
  • non-profit
  • run by and for people with developmental disabilities and other disabilities.

At ACT, people with disabilities and allies come together to tell their stories, make friends, compare struggles and celebrate life. Because of this mutual support, people are willing to take risks and practice leadership.

Programs Include:

Workshops – We lead workshops that build leaders. We listen. We start with your life, your ideas. We don’t lecture. We do skits, singing, art, skill practice, conversation, BINGO. Learn history, learn organizing, learn how to choose issues, learn leadership skills. Learn how to work with others.

Training Materials – We write and sell leadership training materials, used by hundreds of self-advocacy groups (and students) across the nation. They're simple to follow. They use our field-tested methods. They work! Many of our videos have won awards.
Work Skills Program

Sam Program  – Four years ago, we led the formation of a statewide self-advocacy network. It's called Self-Advocates Minnesota. SAM for short. Now SA groups around Minnesota are connected and working together. ACT staff supports the SAM network and its leadership circle. SAM works with groups to promote personal empowerment, disability awareness and systems change.


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