Adaptive Recreation & Inclusion Services (KS)

Address: 620 SE Madison, City of Topeka Parks and Recreation
Topeka,, KS 66603
Phone: (785) 368-0989 Website:

The Adaptive Recreation & Inclusion Services Division has been providing programming designed specifically for people with disabilities since 1965. We are committed to providing people with differing abilities opportunities to participate in quality recreation programs and services within Parks and Recreation of Topeka. By taking place in the setting of their choice, these opportunities develop greater independence and enhance the overall quality of life for our participants.

Adaptive Recreation Programs
These programs are specially designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, but are open to all. Our programs focus on the social, physical, and cognitive growth of our participants through the development of lifetime leisure skills. Our adult and youth programming utilizes trained staff and volunteers, adapted equipment, and activities that are presented in an age appropriate manner with special consideration given for ability level. Programs areas include:

Adapted Sports
Lifetime Leisure
Healthy Lifestyles & Fitness
Outdoor Recreation & Camps

Inclusion Services
Inclusion services provide recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in department-wide programs with individuals without disabilities. Upon request, reasonable accommodations are assessed individually and are based on the requesting individual’s needs and the program’s essential eligibility requirements.

Individuals with disabilities are NOT limited to Adaptive Recreation programs. Parks and Recreation of Topeka would like to encourage individuals with disabilities to consider ALL leisure programs offered by our department. Reasonable accommodation requests must be made in advance (two weeks ideal) by filling out a Special Needs Statement and Request Form in order for the program or service to be assessed.


Please visit our website or Contact us for more information:


Special Service Leisure Center, Gage Park:
4330 SW Conservatory Drive
Topeka, KS 66606


Adaptive Recreation & Inclusion Services:

ADA Liaison, Amanda Bridges, CPM
(KS Relay 711)


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