Adaptive Sports Foundation

Address: 100 Silverman Way, PO Box 266
Windham, NY 12496
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Opened in 2005, the Gwen Allard Adaptive Sports Center has become a model facility for serving individuals with disabilities through adaptive sports programs. The center resides slope side on beautiful Windham Mountain, New York just 2.5 hours from New York City in the Catskill Mountains.

Our 7,200 square foot building allows nine ASF staff members and 262 volunteers to provide service and educational opportunities for ASF participants and an educational programming model for disabled sports organizations throughout the United States. All student services are available on one floor, including a well equipped rental shop. The beautiful and comfortable great room provides a cozy place for families, students, and instructors to gather during the day.

Parents of children with similar disabilities have created wonderful networks and are able to share information on treatment, program availability and behavioral issues and solutions. In addition, the Center provides unparalleled easy and no-hassle access to the mountain for our students with disabilities.


The Adaptive Sports Foundation’s work promotes physical activity for children and adults with disabilities by offering winter programs for recreational skiing, snowboarding, yoga, and personal fitness.

Additionally, the ASF supports a competitive race team for athletes with both physical and cognitive challenges, as well as a 12-week residential competition program for Paralympic eligible athletes.

The ASF Summer Program includes paddling, windsurfing, fly fishing, cycling, fitness training, yoga, golf, and waterskiing.

The ASF is proud to have been selected as a regional site for the dissemination of a year round program called Warriors in Motion; a program for troops injured in the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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