Advocacy Center of Louisiana

Address: 8325 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: (800) 960-7705 Email: Website:

The Advocacy Center of Louisiana (AC) is the protection and advocacy (P&A) system for Louisiana. AC protects, empowers, and advocates for people with disabilities throughout the state, and for adults over age 60 in Orleans Parish.

There is no charge for AC services. AC provides 6 types of assistance:
● Information and Referral
● Legal Assistance
● Systems Advocacy
● Outreach and Training
● Legislative Information and Education
● Investigations of Abuse and Neglect

The Advocacy Center of Louisiana serves Louisiana residents with:
● physical disabilities
● mental illness
● intellectual disabilities
● traumatic brain injury

The Advocacy Center of Louisiana provides services to people with disabilities and seniors regardless of income.

● Reduce incidences of illegal exclusions from schools.
● Obtain appropriate transition services.

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