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Address: 590 South Avenue
Rochester,, NY 14620
Phone: (585) 546-1700 Website:

Vision – Creating a world that works for everyone

Mission – The Advocacy Center empowers individuals with disabilities and their families to advocate for themselves and realize their personal goals. Together we build strong, inclusive communities by increasing the ability of community members to support and value all individuals.

Programs and Services

Talk with an advocate, receive written information and quarterly newsletters, and visit our complete resource library to review and sign out materials.

Work with an advocate to identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. An advocate can help you review documents and prepare for meetings.

Work with a service coordinator to identify and access a wide range of supports and services.

Develop your skills and gain knowledge on a wide range of topics such as special education, public benefits, advocacy, and planning for life after high school.

Learn about special education advocacy and develop advocacy skills to assist other families.

Receive financial assistance for your family member who has a developmental disability.

Join a statewide network and learn how to influence public policy at all levels.

Learn how to increase community awareness and support for inclusion of all people with disabilities.

New York State Special Education Parent Center
The Family-School Partnership at The Advocacy Center is the New York State Special Education Parent Center, serving the Mid-West region of the state (Rochester and surrounding counties). The Parent Center provides workshops and resources to families to promote their meaningful involvement in their children's education programs.

Parent Training & Information Center (PTIC)
The Advocacy Center is the PTIC serving New York State, other than the 5 boroughs of New York City. The PTIC provides workshops and resources to families and professionals about special education rights and responsibilities and promotes meaningful involvement of families in their children's education programs. Information and workshops are available by contacting our Rochester office or our partner agencies across New York.
PTIC Partner Organizations: The Advocacy Center subcontracts with several partner organizations across the state to provide services under the PTIC program.

Students with developmental disabilities participate in extracurricular and community activities through the creation of effective, natural support from trained student volunteers.

The Advocacy Center has a long-standing collaborative partnership with WNYADD, Inc., a regional Protection and Advocacy site to support each others efforts to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities in western New York.


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