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Hollis School is part of the Southeast Island School District

Hollis School is located on a small peninsula that also houses a Forest Service bunkhouse, the Promech office, and the community's well-stocked library. There is a spacious grassy play area, raised beds for a garden, a playground, a weight room, and a large covered area where little ones ride tricycles and big ones play basketball and practice archery.

At  Hollis School each child's curriculum is geared specifically to his/her learning style and instructional needs. Instruction includes a developmentally appropriate early childhood program, which frequently accepts students as young as three years of age, as well as specialized support systems for older students who struggle with academic or social aspects of school. In addition, creativity and individuality is encouraged, welcomed, and nurtured.    Our school day begins at 8:30 and ends at 3:00; breakfast and lunch is provided, as well as bus service for students who live in Craig, Klawock, or Hollis. We encourage anyone seeking more information about enrollment to give us a call or make an appointment to come visit the school.


Southeast Island School District
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Southeast Island School District (SISD), a Regional Educational Attendance Area, operates nine remote schools on Prince of Wales, Baranof, & Kosciusko Islands in Southeast Alaska. There are 160 students in the district.  Our vision is to create a technology-rich and safe learning environment for all students.  Our secondary students depend on distance learning through video conferencing as a cornerstone in their education.  Our goal is to expand vocational and career opportunities for students.  The Southeast Island School District is dedicated to appropriately identifying and serving children with special needs. Once a child is identified, the student’s support team works together to ensure the child receives the necessary services.  If parents or community members have a concern about the academic or developmental progress of a student, they can review this site to determine whether they should inquire about special education services at their child’s school.

SISD has an outstanding team of educators and support staff currently working with our children, and our parents are strong advocates for the students.  By working together we can ensure that our students are identified as early as possible and receive the special services they need. 

Special Education:


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