Alpine Alternatives – Adaptive Recreation – Alaska

Address: 2518 E. Tudor Road, Suite 105
Anchorage, AK 99507
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There’s a place where friendships grow, where smiles abound and being yourself means something.
There’s no judging—only support—this place is Alpine Alternatives.

For over 30 years Alpine Alternatives has provided outdoor recreation activities to children and adults experiencing disabilities. By donating what you can, time or money, you can help change lives. Alpine Alternatives is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making outdoor recreational opportunities available to Alaskans who experience disabilities.

Since 1980, our programs have mixed fun and learning to create an environment that encourages people to develop skills, friendship, and self confidence. Each year, children and adults ski, camp, bike, hike, boat, and experience the outdoors through Alpine’s adaptive recreational programs. We are a community organization in the truest sense.

Camp Abilities Alaska is the state’s first and only state-of-the-art sports camp for youth that experience visual impairment. Youth between the ages 8 – 19, or still enrolled in the public education system, are eligible. The camp provides a 1:1 instructional ratio for each youth.

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