Ambler Clinic, Maniilaq Association Village Clinics

Address: P.O. Box 110
Ambler, AK 99786
Phone: (907) 445-2129 Fax: (907) 4427022 x4020 Website:

The Community Health Aide/Practitioner program (CHAP) operates eleven remote village clinics. Most clinics have a full time staff of two to four Health Aides who service about one-half of the total patient contacts. All clinics are directly connected to the Maniilaq Health Center in Kotzebue, providing access to all medical records and medical libraries as well as visual and audio teleconferencing capability to consult doctors. Using a computer telemedicine unit, village clinics can send electronic pictures to the Maniilaq Health Center, where physicians view the images, making long-distance diagnosis easier and more accurate. 
Village Clinics:


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