American Auditory Society

Address: PO Box 779
Pennsville, NJ 08070
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"About the American Auditory Society
What Is the Purpose of the Society?

The primary aims of the Society are to increase knowledge and understanding of the ear, hearing and balance; disorders of the ear, hearing, and balance, and preventions of these disorders; and habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing and balance dysfunction. To attain these goals, the Society coordinates and disseminates information, particularly through the holding of regular meetings, and through publication of professional, scientific, educational, and informational media. Because of the multiple-disciplinary nature of the Society's membership, (audiology, otolaryngology, dispensing, engineering, psychoacoustics, etc.), the Society provides a formal platform for the interchange of information from allied professional fields.
As a Member You Will Receive:

Ear and Hearing, the bimonthly comprehensive, multi-disciplinary journal that keeps you abreast of current clinical ideas and procedures. A professional journal that incorporates news of the latest innovations and breakthroughs in all related fields. A professional journal that serves as a sounding board for all the diverse members of one professional community. A professional journal that is reliable, comprehensive, produced with your needs as a specialist in mind. Further, as an AAS member you will have single-user online access to every article, figure, table, and referrence that appears in the Journal

The Bulletin of the American Auditory Society, the newsletter that keeps you informed of special events in the various disciplines. It publishes abstracts of meeting platform paper and presentations.

Meeting in the spring which provides a platform for the inter-disciplinary exchange of information from allied professional fields.

An AAS Society Certificate printed on parchment paper. This certificate is suitable for framing and has a border, black print, and a gold seal in the lower center section between the signatures that has the imprint of the AAS and the year in which the Society was established. If members of the Society desire a new certificate or additional copies for other office locations, duplicates are available to them.
How Can I Become a Member?

Categories of Membership include: Regular, Associate, Life and Student/Resident. Full membership is open to individuals holding at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited academic institution. To become an Associate of the Society, you need only to support the aims of the Society. Associates do not have voting privileges, but do receive all publications and have all other rights and privileges. Although the Society is based in the United States, there are no geographic limits – we welcome your involvement from anywhere in the world!
Where and When Will Meetings Take Place?

Meetings with translational research presentations, platform papers, special sessions, the Carhart Memorial Lecture, poster session, sponsored technology update sessions, Life Achievement Award, and a membership update is held in the Spring.  Other special events occur periodically throughout the year.  All members are invited to participate."

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