American Society for Neurorehabilitation

Address: 5841 Cedar Lake Road, Suite 204
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Phone: (952) 545-6324 Fax: (952) 5456073 Email: Website:

The rehabilitation and management of patients with chronic neurological disabilities became sufficently specialized to warrant the establishment of a society dedicated to advancing clinical care and basic and clinical research in this growing field.  The American Society of Neurorehabilitation (ASNR) was established in 1990 to meet those needs.


The mission of the ASNR is to promote the medical and social wellbeing of persons with disabling neurological disorders, to advance training and research in the basic and clinical sciences that can lead to functional recovery of neurologically impaired persons, and to disseminate the knowledge of this research among professionals and the general public.

The ASNR promotes:

  • Specialty training and identification of those with expertise in neurorehabilitation
  • Professional and public education
  • Basic science and clinical research in neurorehabilitation
  • Communication and collaboration with people with neurological disorders related organizations
  • Mission of Neurorehabilitation Research

Professionals with an interest in the scientific basic of neural repair and neurorehabilitation or the management of the neurologic patient are invited to apply for membership in the Society. Active membership is open to all health care professionals and scientists interested in neurorehabilitation and in promoting the Society's goals.

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