Amity Elementary School

Address: 10000 W. Amity Road
Boise, ID 83709
Phone: (208) 854-4220 Fax: (208) 8544221 Email: Website:

As the principal of Amity, I’d like to welcome you to our learning community. Our school’s mission is to empower students to become responsible learners and to promote positive character development. It is with the cooperation of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other school employees that we strive to provide a warm and positive learning environment. We encourage an environment where students and staff uphold the Boise District’s values of respect, dignity, honesty, responsibility, and teamwork.

We have a highly qualified and professional staff at Amity. All students are held to high standards of achievement and the state assessment scores attest to this. We hope that students at Amity have a great and memorable time while finding themselves immersed in a rich learning environment.

We are proud to boast that our parents are second to none in the Boise School District. Our parents' support Amity’s high standards and are committed to their child’s education. At any given time, a parent can be seen volunteering their precious time in and around the classrooms each day – Amity loves our strong supportive parents!

Just for Kids (JFK) is an on-site child care service provided by the Boise School District for ages 4-5 (Pre-Kindergarten) as well as K-6 students. We work hard to provide a fun, educational experience for all children. Our staff are highly trained and all are certified in CPR and First Aid. Visit our "Details about JFK" page for more information.

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