Animals As Natural Therapy

Address: 721 Van Wyck Road
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 671-3509 Email: Website:

Welcome to Animals as Natural Therapy (ANT), an innovative, highly effective organization that empowers individuals of all ages through honest relationships developed with animal partners. Our experiential education programs challenge our participants, many with minimal socioeconomic opportunities, to expand their horizons in a safe, nurturing environment. Here, with the help of our farm animals and mentors, participants develop relationship skills that positively impact nearly all aspects of their lives. To see a video about ANT and hear directly from some of the people whose lives we've impacted, please visit the ANT video page. At ANT, we seek to strengthen our community by developing healthy, resilient individuals through animal-assisted education and personal growth. Our work is based on the knowledge that animals can reach a place in the human heart for healing that other modalities may not. WE OFFER a variety of Programs for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students; teens in substance abuse recovery; seniors at elder care facilities; veterans, and families living in transitional housing. To hear personal stories from our participants and volunteers about their time at ANT, please visit our Stories page. You can also read our Newsletters online.We also offer Interactive Horse Wisdom workshops for the adults seeking personal insight or healing. Please check our Events page to find out when the next workshop will take place or to find out more information about our fundraising and program events. 90% of the youth we serve are low income and are unable to contribute financially to the cost of their healing work. To help fund a life-changing experience for a youth, click the Donate Now image here or visit our Get Involved page, where you'll also find information on donating your time or energy.  For more information, call our office or email us at 

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