Anna’s Celebration of Life – Funding Assistance for Equipment Needs

Address: P.O. Box 17730
Indianapolis, IN 46217
Phone: (317) 524.1300 Email: Website:

Gift Requests should be for a therapy-type device or to increase the quality of life for the child. Anna’s Celebration of Life Foundation is granting nearly 75 wishes per year with a goal of reaching 100 by 2017.

Examples of some of the previous gifts are:
Wheelchair Ramps
Adaptive Tricycles
Weighted Vests
Body Sock
Swing (Autism Therapy Systems)
Support Chairs
Noah’s Beds
Hearing Aides
Eye Glasses

Anna’s Celebration of Life cannot provide cash, pay for therapies, flights, education etc.
It must be a request for a therapy item or a device.

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