Arizona Transit Association

Address: PO Box 741
Gilbert, AZ 85299-0741
Phone: (480) 361-5101 Fax: (480) 9245207 Website:


"NAzTA’s mission is to provide leadership in the funding, advocacy and education for public transportation services throughout Arizona. The goals of the organization include:
Establish a permanent statewide transit funding source
Prepare and promote a legislative program that supports AzTA membership at the local state and federal levels
Provide proactive communications with members/partners and develop public educational materials to support AzTA’s advocacy for transit funding and legislation
Broaden both members and partners base by actively recruiting, and establish collaborative opportunities to support AzTA’s mission
Host, with partners, statewide forums that provide educational opportunities for members /partners, and broaden our outreach
Strengthen and support the aministrative and governance structure of AzTA"

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