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Assisted Transportation provides prompt, courteous and reliable transportation services. Our diverse fleet of vehicles are custom built to provide transportation solutions for clients requiring ambulatory, wheelchair, non-emergency stretcher or special event transportation. Our drivers are caring, compassionate and professional individuals who are committed to meeting your individual needs. All drivers complete comprehensive safety training, including CPR and First Aid.

Our Services:

Ambulatory Service- is for clients able to walk. Our ambulatory clients are assisted by our drivers with door-through-door service, unlike taxi-cabs, which only provide curb-to-curb service.

Wheelchair Service – is for clients who are confined to a wheelchair. Our vehicles contain lifts, ramps and securement devices to insure the client has safe travel.

Liift Van: Considered the ‘classic’ wheelchair van, which comprise almost 50% of our total fleet. Extra-wide lifts and raised roofs allow for a safe and convenient transportation.

Ramp Van: These ‘lowered floor minivans’ provide the ultimate in comfort and fuel efficiency, but unfortunately will not accommodate extra-wide wheelchairs. These vehicles utilize manual ramps for loading and allow clients to sit closer to the ground for a better view of their surroundings.

Non-Emergency Stretcher service – is for clients who are unable to sit in a wheelchair. Our non-emergency stretcher vans provide a safe and cost effective alternative to ambulance transportation. All stretcher vans are staffed with two trained drivers to assist with loading and unloading the client.

Special Events- Whether you need transportation for a wedding, funeral, birthday party or other special occasion, Assisted Transportation has several options to meet your special event needs.

Black Van: These vans will accommodate one wheelchair client and/or three ambulatory clients at the same time. These vehicles are ‘unmarked’ and provide a more discrete means of transportation for weddings, funerals or other special occasions. Please contact your local Assisted Transportation office for rates and scheduling

Activity Bus: Capable of transporting multiple ambulatory and wheelchair clients at the same time, this bus is perfect for group outings or other special events. This vehicle and a driver are rented on an hourly basis and provide a cost effective means for transporting up to 12 people at a time. Please contact your local Assisted Transportation office for rates and scheduling.


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Topeka: (Corporate Offices)
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