ATMN Micro – Loan Program (AFP)

Address: PO Box 310
Maple Plain, MN 55359
Phone: (763) 479-8239 Email:

ATMN-Access to Telework (Telework) – Assistive Technology of Minnesota

ATMN Micro Loan Program (AFP) is a nonprofit organization that provides access to life changing equipment for people with disabilities. Providing access to assistive equipment and services for all ages and disabilities.We create a lifeline to financial assistance, education, information and resources throughout Minnesota. ATMn* helps Minnesotans with disabilities by increasing self-sufficiency at work, home, at school and in the community. The mission of Assistive Technology of Minnesota is to provide a statewide, comprehensive, consumer responsive system of Assistive Technology for Minnesotans of all ages with disabilities.

TTY: (800) 627-3529 (Toll Free)

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