Attention and Learning, Center for (CAL)

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New York,, NY 10065
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The Center for Attention and Learning is a unique educational evaluation program for low-income New York City children struggling with attention and learning disabilities. It is part of the Outpatient Center for Mental Health at Lenox Hill Hospital, located on East 64th Street. No other program within the five boroughs provides comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, educational advocacy, follow-up, parental guidance, and integrated agency involvement, devoted to underserved families. We are committed to helping low-income children with learning and attention disorders receive the assistance they need to lead productive, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Who We Serve
The center serves low-income school children throughout New York City. Our families must meet certain requirements based on income, diagnosis, and treatment needs. We conduct a thorough screening to make sure we are the right place for a child. If we aren’t the right place, we help parents find an organization that can provide the services they need.

Why We Matter
Although New York City schools work very hard to provide evaluations and services for children with learning disabilities, many children don’t receive the full attention they need. Comprehensive evaluations are not always readily available for these children. At The Center for Attention and Learning, we provide extensive evaluations and utilize the most recent testing tools available to assess a broad range of learning disabilities. Private evaluations are extremely costly and out of reach for most of the families seeking our help. Our fees are based on a sliding scale, so we are able to provide a tremendously important service for underserved children in New York City. Straight Medicaid covers all costs related to testing.

Our Services

Neuropsychological Evaluations
We offer a detailed neuropsychological evaluation and written report, identifying the specific learning disabilities and/or attention disorders a child is experiencing. Based on the findings of our assessment, we offer recommendations for school and home. Evaluations consider emotional, biological and environmental factors.

Child Advocacy Assistance
There are times when a recommendation simply isn’t enough. A school may have a different opinion about what a child needs in the way of supportive educational services. When that happens, our center seeks the assistance of professional advocates to insure that our recommendations are strongly presented and implemented. The advocates we work with help children get the services they require for the type of education that fits their learning needs.

Family Supportive Services
At the Center for Attention and Learning, we help families and children by educating them about the type of learning disability they are dealing with, the challenges they face, and help equip them with the necessary tools for approaching the future with hope and determination.

Referral Assistance
For services that our center isn’t able to offer directly to our families, we provide reliable referrals to other agencies that provide the required service, such as tutoring, psychotherapy, and after school programs.


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