Address: 205 E Park Avenue
Anaconda, MT 59711
Phone: (406) 563-8117 Fax: 406-563-7013 Email: Website:

AWARE Inc., a private, non-profit corporation, provides quality community-based services to persons with challenging mental, emotional, and in some cases, physical needs who would otherwise be served in a more restrictive setting…or perhaps would not be served at all. We work to ensure that the people we serve achieve maximum independence, productivity, and integration into the community. We provide services that help individuals and families succeed in their communities, make sound life choices – where they will live and who they will interact with – and determine what they want out of life. It seems like a simple idea, but many of the people we work with have been left out of these life choices. We work with them to eliminate the "can’ts," "shouldn’ts," and "don’ts" they too often face. We help people become active and vital members of their community with full rights and responsibilities. We place the emphasis on each individual’s opportunity for personal growth. We design our programs with that in mind. Ancillary Transportation: Individuals within the AWARE service system are provided with daily transportation as needed.This includes – but is not limited to – work, medical appointments, recreation, leisure, and community integration. AWARE offers transportation tailored to the needs of those being  served.

Transportation: (406).563.8117 Ext. 46

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