Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation – Pediatric Rehabilitation – Pomona NJ

Address: 61 W. Jimmie Leeds Road
Pomona, NJ (609) 652-7000

Children have special needs. And the Bacharach team is uniquely qualified to provide children's rehabilitation services, thanks to years of outstanding experience, training and education.

Bacharach's pediatric service is focused on outpatient physical, occupational, speech–language and audiology therapy in the following areas of specialty:

Specialized pediatric physical therapy
Specialized pediatric occupational therapy
Specialized pediatric speech/language therapy
Feeding skills program [Download information sheet »]
Audiology services
Neuro-optometric consultation
Threshold electrical stimulation
Assistive mobility consultation
Therapeutic aquatics
Prosthetic and orthotic clinic
Family education
Torticollis therapy [Download information sheet »]
Pediatric sleep studies

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