Banyan School

Address: 12 Hollywood Avenue
Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: (973) 439-1919 Fax: (973) 4391396 Website:

The Banyan School was founded in 1993 to educate elementary, middle school and high school students with learning differences. The curriculum reflects the needs of every student, the beliefs of the staff and the values of the entire Banyan School community.
Students at Banyan School learn that education is the process of living. They discover that their lives are connected to a larger world, a world that requires a relationship to community. Families, administrators and staff members work together to develop programs that educate the whole child. Students are presented with multi-sensory opportunities that build confidence and address learning challenges. In addition, a strong social skills program provides for the emotional and psychological needs of all students.
Banyan School empowers students to believe in themselves and to develop the skills necessary to achieve success.

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