Believe Pediatric Therapy – FLORIDA

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Winter Park, FL 32792
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At Believe Pediatric Physical Therapy, we utilize intensive Therasuit therapy because we know the incredible changes that can occur in three short weeks with this therapy.

We utilize the Universal Exercise Unit (the cage) because it efficiently targets weak muscles and allows children to experience active weight-bearing in midline.

We utilize Neuro-Developmental Treatment because this is the gold standard for improving posture and movement in children with cerebral palsy, and works equally well with other diagnoses.

We utilize myofascial release because it is a gentle, prolonged soft tissue elongation technique that can be more effective than traditional stretching for facilitating proper alignment.

We utilize unweighted treadmill gait training for improving gait patterns in children who are already walking, as well as for laying down essential motor patterns in children who are just beginning to take steps.

We utilize adaptive yoga and pilates techniques, adaptive tricycles, and trials in a variety of assistive devices and adaptive equipment.

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