Ben Bronz Academy

Address: 141 North Main Street, ASD Boatner Building
West Hartford, CT 06107, CT 06107
Phone: (860) 236-5807 Fax: (860) 2339945 Email: Website:

"Ben Bronz Academy is a day school for bright learning disabled students, Grades 2 to 12. Twenty-six faculty guide 60 students through an intensive school day that includes Meta-Learning, fluencies, remedial reading, writing, and mathematics, literature, science, and Social Studies. Oral language is developed and stressed in all classes.

Our students learn organization, research skills, and study skills as part of every class. Through fluencies and classroom exercises, they become faster and more efficient at gleaning new information. Twice each year we go on 'Research Weeks.' Regular school stops and we spend a week studying one topic, then travel to a location where we can get 'primary source' information. Every student writes, 'defends', and 'publishes' his original research."

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