Bethlehem Pediatric Therapy Services – Hellertown PA

Address: 1160 Main Street
Hellertown, PA 18055
Phone: (484) 851-3665 Fax: (484) 8513670 Website:

Bethlehem Pediatric Therapy Services was opened in 2007 by Jennifer Doyle, an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics.  Bethlehem Pediatric Therapy offers a caring staff of professionals experienced across a broad range of pediatric therapy disciplines – occupational, physical, and speech therapy evaluations and treatments. Many of our associate are also skilled in the latest and most advanced teaching, skills development and social programs.

Bethlehem Pediatric Services offers a full range of services in a variety of settings, including our community-based treatment center located in Hellertown. This new center offers staff a variety of specialized equipment to address issues with motor planning, strengthening, coordination and sensory processing.

"Hands-on Camp" for Children with Hemiplegia – "Hands-on Camp" is a specialized 2-week camp run during the summer which provides Constraint-Induced Therapy for children with hemiplegia. CI therapy is well-supported by current research in the fields of pediatric and adult Occupational and Physical Therapy. In CI therapy, movement of the child’s unaffected arm and hand is limited by wearing a custom-made, removable soft cast. Children will use their affected arm in fine and gross motor activities, as well as for functional self-care activities of dressing and feeding.

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