Bloomingdale Public Schools – Michigan

Address: 203 North Van Buren St.
Bloomingdale, MI 49026
Phone: (269) 521-3903 Fax: (269) 521-3907 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

Bloomingdale Public Schools board, administration, teachers, and staff are always striving to improve our schools, our communities, and our students’ lives.

We are proud of our Michigan Reward School status and work hard to continue to achieve that status. Our district works hard on academics and social engagement to ensure we are providing a balanced approach to educating students that attend our schools.

Bloomingdale Schools offer competitive academic programs that are carefully crafted to ensure consistent curriculum between grades and schools. We are constantly evaluating how we can continue to improve our academics through both big picture and micro views. Our goal is to ensure that every student that graduates from Bloomingdale Schools is successful in college or trade.

Bloomingdale Middle and High School was recognized for having the highest composite ACT score in our area. Our students are top-performing in college and career readiness.

We have Positive Behavior Support programs Our district contains three buildings: Bloomingdale Elementary, Pullman Elementary, and Bloomingdale Middle/High School. (For a detailed look at each of these schools, please take time to review the pages specific to them.) These buildings service a large geographic area which includes Bloomingdale, Grand Junction, and Pullman.

We strive to have a positive impact on our communities both through direct connection with the schools and encouraged student engagement in their communities.

Amy Wotring
Special Education Director

Bloomingdale Public Schools Central Office:
203 North Van Buren St.,
Bloomingdale, MI 49026

Bloomingdale Elementary:
307 East Willow St.,
Bloomingdale, MI 49026

Bloomingdale Middle and High School:
629 East Kalamazoo St.,
Bloomingdale, MI 49026

Pullman Elementary:
5580 South Ave.,
Pullman, MI 49450

Bloomingdale Bus Garage:
312 West Kalamazoo St.,
Bloomingdale, MI 49026

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