Boots and Saddles Therapeutic Riding Center – Franktown COLORADO

Address: 7193 South Highway 83
Franktown, CO 80116
Phone: (303) 688-1388 Email:

Boots and Saddles offers a team approach with horse, participant, instructor, parent and volunteer. Participants work toward individual goals with the support of their team. Boots and Saddles can accommodate a variety of interests and will design a program that is suitable for the participant. Specific horsemanship skills are taught to participants who wish to compete. All riders assist with grooming and saddling to the ability they have and can develop.By offering this connection to the participants, they learn sequencing,two step task execution, following instructions, and work-reward. Many of these skills are then transferred on to the home and school environment.

Services and Programs Include: Therapeutic Riding Therapy, Hippotherapy, Summer Camps

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