Boyer Children’s Clinic

Address: 1850 Boyer Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
Phone: (206) 325-8477 Fax: (206) 3231385 Email: Website:


"70 years of hope, compassion and solutions for children with special needs and their families. Serving children with Cerebral Palsy and Other Developmental Delays for over 65 years. Boyer Children’s Clinic is a non-profit therapy and early childhood educational facility under the medical direction of a developmental pediatrician, serving children from birth to teen years who have neuromuscular disorders such as cerebral palsy or delay in development. Our goal is to help each child reach their maximum potential. 
A multi-disciplinary team including a developmental pediatrician, nurse, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, educators, family resource coordinators and social worker provide services. The team works closely with the family to conduct initial diagnostic assessments and plan and implement individual programs. Boyer also provides select services to children without developmental delay. Children developing in a normal range are served in classroom groups, play groups and baby gym so that children with and without delays can learn together. Boyer Children’s Clinic serves children from birth to teen years, with the majority being age four and younger. Children are referred because of concern about their development or because they have cerebral palsy or other neuromuscular delays. Children live primarily in the Seattle area, but also come from wider geographic areas under special circumstances. The children served at Boyer Children’s Clinic represent a wide diversity in culture and race. Families are representative of the diversity present in the Puget Sound region."

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