Brain Balance Center of Overland Park

Address: 6406 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66211
Phone: 913-627-9400 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

Brain Balance establishes a unique plan for each child that includes sensory motor work, eye tracking, core exercises, academic skill training, healthy nutrition and many other activities that work to bolster a child’s developmental deficits. What is unique is that Brain Balance brings all these activities together in one program, including monitoring and reporting on a child’s progress.

We can help if your child has been diagnosed by a Doctor* with: ADHD Asperger Syndrome High Functioning Autism PDD-NOS Dyslexia Processing Disorders Other Spectrum Disorders *

Brain Balance does not diagnose medical conditions. Brain Balance is a non-medical, drug-free program for kids who struggle. Our Program addresses the following, for all children: Academic Issues Social Issues Behavioral Issues Sensory Integration Lack of Focus Trouble Making Friends Family/Social Relationships Tantrums/Emotional Outbursts/Sensory Meltdowns

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?