Brain Injury Association of Louisiana

Address: 100 Innwood Drive, Ste B
Lovington, LA 70433
Phone: (985) 892-9900 Email: Website:

The Brain Injury Association of Louisiana (BIALA), established in 2004 through the work of the Advocacy Center and many interested and talented survivors and family members, is a non-profit organization focused on creating a better future for individuals with brain injury and their families by locating and obtaining needed services for survivors of brain injury.
BIALA strives to be the leading statewide provider of information, resources and services for individuals with a brain injury and spinal cord injury, their families and caregivers. Their commitment to the general public is to provide prevention awareness to mitigate the risk of injury and reduce the incidence of injury statewide.

BIALA unites survivors of a brain injury and spinal cord injury, families of survivors, healthcare providers, educators and those who support prevention education and brain injury awareness through the provision of free resources, information and services. BIALA provides referrals, organizes social interaction, promotes and fosters empowerment of survivors of brain injury and increases access to critical information and resources.
BIALA also offers numerous free resources including:

  •  An informational hotline
  •  Rresource directory and library.

BIALA promotes brain injury awareness in Louisiana as well as the rights of persons with brain injuries through: increasing public awareness of the incidence and consequences of brain injuries, educating the public of the abilities and capabilities of persons with brain injury, supporting public education that addresses the challenges of persons with brain injuries, their families and care providers, and advocating for public policies that can prevent, as well as provide service to persons with brain injuries.


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