Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island, Inc.

Address: 1017 Waterman Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914
Phone: (401) 228-3319 Fax: (401) 4616561 Email: Website:

The Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island is a statewide organization dedicated to providing support, education, advocacy, research and prevention. Whether you are a person with a brain injury, a family member or friend of someone affected by brain injury, a professional working in this field, or an interested member of the general public, the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island hopes to be of service to you.

The Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island, Inc. was founded in 1983 by families of persons with brain injuries. It grew out of an overwhelming need for appropriate services and support to brain injury survivors. We are a statewide membership organization, providing services to many Rhode Islanders with traumatic brain injury and their families. This non-profit 501(c) (3) organization has worked to expand services in Rhode Island for the care and rehabilitation of individuals who have sustained brain injuries. Our efforts include increasing the public’s awareness of traumatic brain injury and its consequences, developing support systems, encouraging appropriate rehabilitation and services for survivors of brain injury and disseminating information about brain injury.

The Association actively collaborates with state and private entities to educate survivors, family members and professionals on all aspects of brain injury prevention, treatment and support needs. The BIA of RI operates a Brain Injury Resource Center to improve access to information on traumatic brain injury, and to enhance the effectiveness of agencies and service providers who work with survivors of brain injury. The mission of the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island is to prevent brain injury and to enhance the lives of those affected by brain injury. Our membership includes brain injury survivors, their families and friends, health-care professionals, physicians, providers of brain injury rehabilitation, and other advocates. 

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