Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Address: 282 N. Fair Avenue
Hamiliton, OH 45011
Phone: (513) 785-2800 Fax: (513) 8675078 Email: info@butlerDD.org Website: http://www.butlerdd.org/

"The Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities is founded on the belief that all people have inherent worth and the right to be treated with dignity.  For over 40 years, the Board has provided information, support and service to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Services: (please visit our ""Services"" page for details)
Early Childhood Services and Supports:
Early Intervention Services
Preschool Services

School Age Services and Supports:
Individual Education Plan or IEP
Behavior Support Services
Family Focus services

School to Adult Life Transition Resources:  informational series,brings families and students together to learn about employment, recreation, leisure, ransportation, social security, legal aid, guardianship, trusts, and more.

Adult Services and Supports: Adult Services' day habilitation program is designed to meet an individual's specialized needs (for example: medical and/or behavioral needs), who cannot be served by any other provider.

Behavior Support Services: includes the Family Focus Program, Classroom Consultant, Community Behavior Supports, and Behavior Supports in County operated Day Habilitation programs. 

Community/Residential Services and Supports: Residential Facilities, Supported Living

Transportation: Under Non-Medical Transportation rules, individuals enrolled for the Adult Array have a free choice of provider for non-medical transportation to and from the adult program that they choose. This is noted in their Plan.  The amount allotted for transportation shall comply with state rules on non-medical transportation."

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