Camp Barnabas

Address: 901 Teas Trail 2060
Purdy, MO 65734
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Camp Barnabas exists to provide life-changing opportunities to people with special needs in a Christian camp setting. We offer acceptance and love to more than 1,300 campers with special needs and chronic diseases – and their siblings – in locations across the United States.

Through adaptive activities, people with physical, intellectual, and/or medical challenges become participants, not observers, in the world around them. They leave Camp Barnabas knowing they are uniquely created to live lives of ability. The world is good at attaching names to our physical, intellectual or medical characteristics…..cancer, disabled, autistic, blind, deaf…’ve heard them. But this worldly tag doesn’t change the fact that God celebrates each of us as His creation. Here at Camp Barnabas we celebrate that, too. We are a God-centered organization that upholds the truths of God’s word and shares with all who come through our gates our belief that everyone is uniquely created by Him to live a life of ability.

To that end, our staff resolutely pursues activities that push the limits of what the outside world says is impossible for these incredible people who are our campers. We take every summer camp activity apart and put it back in a way that is doable for anyone who wants to participate – no matter what limitations are placed on them outside our camp grounds. Things like a high ropes course, canoeing, and swimming. We invite all people with special needs and chronic illnesses to embrace life as Jesus made them and reach their fullest potential. And we invite those who wish to serve them to come experience a life changed by the beauty of helping someone realize the value of their uniqueness.

Springfield Office: 417-886-9800

Springfield Fax: 417-887-1300

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