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High Falls,, NY
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Camp Huntington is a co-ed, residential program for children and young adults with special learning and developmental needs.

Our Program for Special Campers
Camp Huntington was established in 1961 as a privately owned residential summer camp for boys and girls (6-21yrs.) with hidden abilities. We serve campers with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, ADD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Apsperger's, PDD, and other special needs. Our program is specifically designed to focus on Adaptive and Therapeutic Recreation Your child will experience the joys of a fun-filled summer in a beautiful country setting. We are always enthusiastic about providing the highest level of care by our special education professionals and have been a leader in special camping for 46 years.

Since its outset, Camp Huntington has successfully developed a unique program that caters to individual needs and cultivates personal growth. Our comprehensive program emphasizes development of social skills, independent living, vocational orientation and speech and language ability. Those who have attended other regular or special camps without effective response have found their new experience at Huntington to be particularly rewarding and beneficial.

At Camp Huntington, the change from home to camp is pleasant and easy. The campers sleep in cheerful cabins, surrounded by fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors. The separate boys and girls campuses are situated on either side of a small mountain-fed brook.
Program Information

At camp we strive to develop a thorough understanding of each camper's specific needs. This allows us to continue the important work of discovering and developing their individual abilities. Our main program goal is to create a positive and comfortable setting for your child. Within this setting campers are exposed to a wide range of daily activities that inspire confidence and independence. On camp, safety and health is our top priority. A common result of a summer at Camp Huntington is that campers are happy, relaxed and motivated.
The Three Programs We Offer

Camp Huntington is a summer recreation program for the learning and developmentally disabled. At Camp Huntington, we are equally cognizant of each camper's disability as to the importance of developing the individual abilities that each camper possesses. Our goal is to allow each camper to be the best that he/she can be. We offer three distinct, specially designed programs to meet the needs of a wide variety of special needs children. The programs contain specific approaches that address key social, emotional and environmental issues for each disability group. The camper programs are blended together within groups and on campus to encourage positive social and emotional exchanges between campers. Each program is devised to provide a combination of activities that allow for both growth and fun. The three programs we offer:

Recreation and social skills development for children with Learning Disabilities/ Attention Deficit Disorders, including Hyperactivity
Independence for the Developmentally Disabled
Participation for children with Autism, Asperger's and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Making all three programs available on the same site allows campers the opportunities to interact with their peers in a positive manner and at the same time guarantees the professional involvement of a staff familiar with a wide variety of learning needs.


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