Camp Northwood

Address: 132 State Route 365
Remsen, NY 13438-5700
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Since 1976, Camp Northwood has been providing quality programming to a coed population of 165 children in need of structure and individualization. Northwood programs specialize in working with non-aggressive children ranging in age from 8-18 classified with Asperger's Syndrome, HFA, Attention Deficits, Language Processing Weaknesses and children with other forms of minimal learning issues.


All of our campers experience delayed social development, weak executive functioning and poor organizational skills. Most importantly, our campers crave a sense of normalcy and opportunity to belong to a community of peers. For thousands of campers over the years, Northwood has represented a safe-haven in a world that is not as tolerant or accepting of unique children that simply want a chance to "fit in". Many families choose the Northwood program because they seek a greater degree of supervision and support than is available in a more traditional camp setting.

The Camp Northwood Philosophy:
The Camp Northwood program is based on the philosophy that every child needs to experience success in order to develop social confidence. For many children this success comes naturally in their day-to-day interactions. However, for a large population of children, a more structured and professionally supervised setting is necessary to create an environment more conducive to success. Camp Northwood provides a support system that allows children to have successful experiences while participating in a variety of traditional camping activities.


Socially immature and learning challenged children, in general, function best in a noncompetitive environment in which they are provided with a great deal of instructional and social support. Activities are broken down into their most elementary skills and specialists do not assume that campers have mastered age appropriate skill levels. Campers are helped to pursue the mastery of a skill at a pace that is comfortable.

Most critical to the success of Camp Northwood's program is our emphasis on the development of age appropriate social skills. As with athletic and artistic talents, social skills and appropriate social behavior must be directly addressed, practiced and reinforced in order to fully develop. The social immersion quality of camp provides an opportunity for campers to learn, reinforce and internalize critical social skills while enjoying more than 30 traditional camp activities.


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