Camp Parkview – Parkview Services

Address: PO Box 65157
Seattle, WA 98155
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"Camp Parkview is held on beautiful Vashon Island, at the Burton Conference Center located on the waterfront on the Burton Peninsula. Campers make new friends and are reacquainted with old ones as they swim, boat, hike, dance and sing songs around the campfire. Parkview Services is a non-profit organization serving King and Snohomish Counties that supports people with developmental disabilities and their families. Parkview was started by Norman and Stella Chivers in 1967 with the purchase of the state's first group home located up on Capitol Hill. It was the Chivers' vision that this home would provide families a community-based alternative to institutionalizing their son or daughter.
Today, over 40-years later, young adults with a developmental disability live at this home and go about their daily lives much the same as anyone else: working, playing, and enjoying friends, family and their neighborhood.
Parkview has a Board of Trustees that is responsible for the direction and leadership of the organization. The Trustees are all volunteers with a mix of family members and other concerned community members."

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