Canines for Disabled Kids

Address: 255 Park Ave, Suite 601
Worcester, MA 01609
Phone: 978-422-5299 Fax: 978-422-7380 Email: Website:

Canines for Disabled Kids helps children ages 6-18 discover, apply, and obtain service dogs to help with a variety of disabilities

Our Mission “Increasing independence for children with disabilities and their families by promoting service dog partnerships, understanding and awareness throughout the community.”

Whether is be through scholarships to offset the cost of the dogs for the children we help, counseling services for families looking for information about service dogs, or education offered around the country to interested businesses and schools, CDK is always trying to reach as many people as possible. CDK provided services to over 5,403 people across 28 states, awarded 23 scholarships to assist children receiving service dogs

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