Carmel Community Living Corporation

Address: 3030 Sterling Circle
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (719) 477-9972 x13 Email: Website:

Provides services to adults and children who have cognitive disabilities and other related needs throughout Colorado.  Offers programs in Residential living, Vocational, Day Program/Community Participation, Supported Living and Children’s Extensive Services
Here at Carmel, we are devoted to exceeding expectations: our services should exceed the expectations of those we serve, and the outcomes achieved by those we serve should exceed what had been expected of them. We’re not content just to “get by” and we try to instill that motivation for excellence into our staff, providers and those we serve.
The Carmel “family” strives to promote a sense of community among our members, based on mutual respect and interdependence. Just as any good family is supportive of its members, we believe it is extremely important to nurture each other so that we can all attain our highest levels of achievement. We believe that it is this sense of belonging to a “family” that sets Carmel apart from other service providers.

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