Catholic Family and Child Service – Yakima

Address: 5301 Tieton Drive, Suite C
Yakima, WA 98908-3478
Phone: (509) 965-7109 Fax: (509) 9669750 Email: Website:

Catholic Charities is people helping people. Its history has been written by the hundreds of board members, foster parents, caseworkers, Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul Society members, house parents, board members and committee members who have served the agency since its beginnings. Although rooted in a Catholic tradition that shapes its core mission of service to all, it exists within a pluralistic community. Perhaps as many as 85% of the agency’s staff is non-Catholic, although that figure is not tracked. Similarly, the vast majority of those being served are not Catholic. Today, those continuing to write the history of the agency include a variety of people of good will, Catholic and non Catholic alike, who are called by many reasons to serve. In the Diocese of Yakima, Catholic Charities began with the vision of the late Bishop Thomas Gill, of Seattle. From its very beginning, the agency was immersed in the provision of Child Welfare Services and indeed, its early history was built upon this foundation.

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