CBDDC Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disability Center – Cockeysville MD

Address: 54 Scott Adam Road, Suite 104
Cockeysville, MD 21030
Phone: (443) 791-4784 Fax: (443) 5784691 Email: jd@childhoodnddcenter.org


Comprehensive Neurodevelopmental Evaluation
These visits usually last 2 hours, but can take as long as you need.  I begin by asking questions about your child's history developmentally, behaviorally, socially and academically.  Then, based on the concerns you present, I will have your child complete a variety of tests, and may have you complete questionairres or screening check-lists.

Ongoing Developmental Follow-Up
After the initial evaluation, we will make a collaborative decision regarding the frequency of follow-up. 

IFSP/IEP Consultations
If your child has already undergone the IFSP/IEP process through your school system, I will review the assessments, goals and recommendations on a regular basis.

Parent Training (Group or Individual)
Many children with developmental disabilities have significant behavioral challenges.  Often these difficulties are the first clue to a family that something is out of the ordinary.  Using developmentally appropriate techniques, I can coach a family to improve the child's behavior.  In addition, I plan to offer general group parent training/discipline courses on a regular basis.

Diagnosis Confirmation
As a parent, I understand the need to investigate every possible avenue when seeking care for our children.  If you have had an evaluation elsewhere, but are still questioning the diagnosis or treatment recommendations, I can offer a second (or third or fourth) opinion and help guide you through that maze.

Medication Management
Because neurodevelopmental disabilities are, by definition, neurologically based, there are times when a child may require medication to augment the other interventions they are receiving and optimize their progress. 


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