Central Connecticut Arc, Inc.

Address: 950 Slater Road
New Britain, CT 06053-1658
Phone: (860) 229-6665 Fax: (860) 8266883 Email: ccarc@ccarc.com Website: http://www.ccarc.com

The Central Connecticut Arc (CCARC) is an association of people founded in 1952 as a not for profit organization. We provide an array of services within the community which offer opportunities for independence and personal growth for people with disabilities.
Our Mission is to Make Dreams Happen; because we believe that all people have the right to choose their place in the world."

PEERS (Personal Enrichment and Education through Respite Services)
PEERS offers socialization through community activities – dining out, movies, shopping, arts and crafts, and sports which provides critical respite for caregivers. Typically, the age group of participants is 21 to 60 years old. Activities are held on weekdays in the late afternoon or evening, and weekends throughout the year. There is no fee to the individuals who participate in the service except for the cost of the activities. Depending on the location, an additional cost for door-to-door transportation is available. 

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