Central Maryland Regional Transit (CMRT)

Address: 312 Marshall Avenue
Laurel, MD 20707
Phone: (240) 581-5800 Website: http://www.cmrtransit.org

Central Maryland Regional Transit (CMRT)

312 Marshall Avenue, Suite 1000

Laurel, Maryland 20707

Phone: (240) 581-5800

Phone: (443) 737-0048



Operated by Corridor Transportation provides service in the northern part of Anne Arundel County.

Central Maryland Regional Transit (CMRT) manages public transit services in Howard County, Anne Arundel

County, Prince George’s County and the City of Laurel



Accessibility features include:  Wheelchair lifts or low floor ramps to allow easy access for people

with disabilities. * Priority seating for those who need to sit closer to an exit. Drivers trained to provide assistance in

securing wheelchairs in designated spaces. Announcements of stops at major intersections, transfer points and at the

request of passengers, specific designations.

Para transit Service

CMRT offers curb-to-curb, shared ride transportation service for Connect-A-Ride and Howard Transit riders who are

unable to use the fixed route bus service due to disability or age. “Curb-to-curb” means the vehicle pulls up to the

curb in front of the rider’s home (or other location) for pick-up, and drops them off at the curb in front of their

destination. “Shared-ride” means that multiple riders are transported at the same time. Get complete details on

services and scheduling.

Central Maryland Regional Transit Transportation Resource Information Point (TRIP)

TRIP Customer Services

Phone: 1-877-331-8747


Transportation Resource Information Point

Trip is a one-stop website for all things transit in Baltimore metropolitan region. Provides customers, human services

agencies and partner organizations with a wealth of information on a wide range of transit services. Provides a

hotline for immediate assistance at 1-877-331-TRIP (8747)

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