Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

Address: 33 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 275-5800 Email: paratransit@cota.com Website: http://www.cota.com

BThe Central Ohio Transit Authority is committed to excellence in serving our stakeholders – customers, employees and taxpayers. We will deliver quality transportation services and conduct business courteously, safely, ethically and reliably. We will demonstrate leadership that is fiscally responsible and environmentally conscientious.

Services for Riders with Disabilities: All COTA Buses Are Equipped for Riders with Disabilities. We make riding easy with these extra bus features –
Lifts accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility devices.
Buses lower to the curb to make boarding easy.
Announcements and displays so you know the next bus stop.
Service animals and one assistant ride free.
50% off Bus Fares with Key Card : Riders with disabilities can ride the bus at half the price of a regular fare. You must have a Key Card issued by COTA to qualify.

Customer Service: (614) 228-1776 / TTY/TTD (614) 275-5878

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