Central Speech & Language Clinic

Address: 4160 IL Route 83, Suite 101
Long Grove, IL 60047
Phone: (847) 821-1237 Fax: (847) 2762743 Email: info@csiclinic.com Website: http://cslclinic.com/

Central Speech & Language Clinic is a family-owned pediatric practice. We provide specialized diagnostic, therapeutic and academic speech-language services. Additionally, the staff members at Central Speech & Language Clinic are available to conduct seminars and consultations for parents, teachers, speech-language pathologists, schools, and businesses.


Services Include:

Evaluations and Therapy
Parent Groups


Evaluations and Therapy

In addition to the areas listed below, we have speech-language pathologists whose areas of specialty include the evaluation and treatment of auditory language processing deficits that may negatively impact reading, writing, spelling, and academic language. Our objective is to comprehensively diagnose and treat these difficulties from a speech and language perspective, by considering multi-dimensional aspects such as memory, comprehension, vocabulary, discrimination, phonological processing, sequencing, and organization. For more information about these and any of the services listed below, please contact Jennifer Malone Priest at 847-821-1237 x4 or jen@cslclinic.com

Our clinic offers diagnostic evaluations and provides both individual and group treatment options for the following areas of communication:

  • Articulation / Phonology

  • Language

  • Auditory Language Processing

  • Oral Motor Function
  • Pragmatic (Social) Language
  • Reading (Decoding and Comprehension)
  • Written Expression / Spelling

In addition, we are able to incorporate the following programs into an individualized plan of treatment:

  • Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing® (LIPS®) for Reading, Spelling, and Speech
  • Visualizing/Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking (V/V) ®
  • Seeing Stars ®: Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words and Spelling
  • On Cloud Nine ® Math
  • Fast ForWord ®
  • Earobics ®

    We are available to provide screening services to children at private schools, day care centers, and pediatrician offices. In addition to speech-language screenings, we are also able to complete hearing and vision screenings for children ages 3 and up. Ask your pediatrician, or the director of your school or child care center to schedule a screening, by contacting Jennifer Malone Priest at 847-821-1237 x4 or jen@cslclinic.com.

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