Champlain Island Parent Child Center

Address: 114 S Street, Suite 2
South Hero, VT 05486
Phone: (802) 372-4704 Fax: (802) 3728622 Email: Website:

Director – Liz Lamphere

Children are capable learners and each child is unique in how they approach their world.  We approach teaching by first considering the “whole” child, providing a play-based, emergent curriculum that aligns with the Vermont Early Learning Standards.  The curriculum evolves depending on the interests of the children, families and teachers.  Our planning allows us to be intentional about providing children balanced and varied activities, including opportunities to learn how to function effectively within a group while still being accepted as individuals.  We create an environment: that fosters caring and understanding of others with opportunities to celebrate diversity, problem solve, work together as a team and to build a caring community. As children learn to communicate with their peers and problem solve in a peaceful manner, academic learning progresses naturally that is child friendly, safe, caring and comfortable. This stimulating environment promotes developmentally appropriate and research based experiences in the cognitive, language, social-emotional, fine motor and gross motor areas.  Another aspect of our curriculum includes involving families, friends, teachers and other community members into our learning community.  This includes a shared care-giving partnership with families, recognizing the parents as their child’s first teacher.  We believe this approach to children’s learning will result in each child reaching his/her full potential as citizens of our world. To achieve our mission we will: Provide a safe, friendly environment with professional educators; Introduce developmentally appropriate activities that challenge and engage; Provide opportunities for physical activity; Introduce the skills necessary to problem solve and be a productive member of a group; Provide an empowering atmosphere where each child takes responsibility for his/her actions and accomplishments; Celebrate creativity and imagination, allowing each child to be the true creator of his/her own special masterpiece, whatever the activity.

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