Chastain Horse Park Therapeutic Riding Program NARHA – GEORGIA

Address: 4371 Powers Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30327
Phone: (404) 252-4244 Fax: (404) 2521106 Email: Website:

Chastain Horse Park is a premier equestrian facility dedicated to serving riders of all skill levels from beginner, intermediate, to advanced, as well as riders with cognitive, physical or mental disabilities through our Therapeutic Program and inner city and at-risk children with our Outreach Program. We develop and strengthen skills in the areas of awareness, focus, leadership, team playing, confidence, coordination, courage, friendships and fun along with superb hunter equitation skills and abilities.

Therapeutic Program – Whether it's a five year old with Down syndrome, a teenager struggling with depression, a 45-year old recovering from a spinal cord injury or a senior citizen recovering from a stroke, research shows that individuals of all ages who participate in Equine Assisted Therapy experience many physical and emotional rewards. Empirical research has proven benefits of therapeutic riding include: improved social interaction, problem solving, communication, social and daily life coping skills; as well as confidence building and increased physical strength and balance. Under the guidance of a certified instructor and trained volunteers, a patient benefits from the horse’s unique three-dimensional movement that replicates a human’s movement while walking.

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