Chatham Learning Center

Address: 10 Fairmount Avenue
Chatham, NJ 07928
Phone: (973) 701-0910 Fax: (973) 7012018 Email: Website:

Everyone is born with a natural delight in learning, but endless school struggles and repeated failures can damage and discourage a student’s natural abilities and desire to learn and achieve in the classroom and in all areas of life. Professional educators agree that personal attention and individual instruction can make the difference in a student’s academic performance. The Chatham Learning Center offers students expert individualized tutoring, diagnostic evaluations, and educational therapy.

With comprehensive programs designed to build confidence, motivation, and self-esteem, our Associates provide assessment services to identify each student’s particular strengths and areas which may need remediation. Individualized remedial instruction brings rapid improvement in these areas and in overall academic performance. The struggling student soon begins to achieve, and the average student begins to excel. Students at any level can benefit greatly.

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